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Compact Farm, Worth Matravers, Dorset

Beef cattle with Charolais Breeding Cattle

Set in the heart of the beautiful county of Dorset on the famed Jurassic Coast, Compact Farm in Worth Matravers is home to the Balbithan herd.

The Balbithan herd was established in 1987 when four females were purchased from the Warninglid and Cullum herds. ʻBalbithanʼ is the name of a castle in Scotland near Inverurie which is owned by a family friend of the Whites. Between 1987 and 1992 the herd was expanded by the purchase of some twenty females. Several were purchased from the Thrunton and Brampton herds.  Since then the Whites have been breeding heifers themselves, either to stay in the herd or to sell.

Jane Haw became manager of the herd in 1991.  The herd now has 40 breeding females. The best breeding bulls are sold at pedigree sales.  There is also a good local trade for commercial bulls sold off the farm.
Over the next few years the aim is to continue to improve the quality of the Charolais breeding females so that high quality bulls and heifers can be offered for sale around the country.

The Whites farm nearly 600 acres of mixed farming. In addition to the Charolais herd, there is a 150 suckler herd for which the Whites use their own Charolais bulls.  This has proved successful and market prices achieved for calves have been consistently good, often topping the market.  However, by late 2014 calves will be taken through to finishing. The Whites also farm 120 pedigree poll Dorset sheep and 100 acres of crops.